Jan 4th, 2009

This is so cool. We now know the offical day and time we can see the very first Sonny With A Chance! It will air on the Disney channel on Feb 8th at 8pm eastern time! Can't wait! Oh, check out this poster I find. I wonder if it is being sold anywhere?

Jan 3rd, 2009

this video is pretty cool. Demi shares a lot about herself. I had no idea she was in pageants growing up! Well, enjoy I will be posting more soon. 

Dec 27th, 2008

I almost forgot to post Demi's new video "La La Land"! It is a really cute video! 

Dec 27th, 2008

Hey guys, it's been too hard to try and keep my site updated with the holidays! Here is some stuff I thought you guys might like. 


Dec 27th, 2008

I saw this video at a really cool Demi fan site and just had to post it. She is so talented!

Dec 27th, 2008

Demi made it on the cover of Seventeen Prom addition. Doesn't she look great? 

Dec 27th, 2008

Here is a video of Demi singing "You Give Love A Bad Name", by Bon Jovi in Wiltern.

Dec 18th, 2008

Here's a pretty cool interview with Demi. 

Dec 15th, 2008

Cast of Sonny with a Chance wishing you a Happy Holiday!

Dec 14th, 2008

Disney promo for Sonny with a Chance. 

Dec 9th, 2008

I found this video of an interview that TV Guide did with Demi right before she was about to go on stage! 

Dec 8th, 2008

Here Demi is sporting new hair do look. Cute! Demi was out at the dance studio in LA last night. For more click here.

Dec 8th, 2008

TV Guide has posted this article on Demi. For more click here. 

Dec 7th, 2008

Here it is the logo for Demi and Selena's new movie Princess Protection Program airing on Disney Channel in April of 09'! 

Dec 7th, 2008

Demi with part of the cast of Sonny with a Chance! For more pictures click here.

Also Disney as an offical site for Sonny with a Chance here.

Dec 4th, 2008

Here is Demi's new show Sonny with a Chance logo. 

Dec 1st, 2008

Demi helps celebrate her bff Selena's sweet 16th birthday back in July

For more info on this check my page on Selens Gomez! Thanks

Nov 30th, 2008

This is from Just Jared. Look at Demi belting it out!

This is a video of Demi singing "Get Back" AT the MGM Grand Arena. I know it's not the greatest video and I'll try to find another one to replace it with a later!

Nov 29th, 2008

Demi Lovato has had quite a busy couple of days!


I found some pictures of Demi singing the National Anthem.

 Nov 28th, 2008

Here is Demi singing the National Anthem at the Dallas game on Thanksgiving!

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